SENTINEL ADVERTISING SERVICES (sAs) was founded in 2005 and is an associate of M/s Sentinel Public Relations Pvt Ltd , a reputed Public Relations (PR) agency for over a decade. With a team consisting of ex-mediaperson, Sentinel's USP lies in understanding the client's marketing and communication needs and creating media strategies which give maximum impact.
Building a client's reputation begins with building a reputation for oneself. We take great pride in our reputation with the print and electronic media built on integrity, accuracy, clarity, consistency, professionalism, and technology insight. An advertising agency works like a prism giving a seven-fold exposure to a client and showing it in a different colour to different people. Any campaign whether of a continuous nature or on a project basis is performed keeping in mind the values we stand for. These values are: committed service, holistic approach, open-mindedness towards smart ideas and better solutions, swift execution to obtain optimum results, learning and improving every day and above all - honesty, integrity and ethical practices.